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College Counselling



Cedar College aims to be a centre of academic excellence that empowers critical thinkers and ethical leaders to nurture the world we live in.

Cedar College aims to engender a culture of continual academic development and innovation. Through technology and innovation, we aim to create critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow while ensuring students are instilled with values of tolerance, empathy, compassion, and integrity. Cedar aims to ensure that students are exposed to an interdisciplinary education and take their learning beyond the classroom.

The transition from the Ordinary Level (O-Level) to the A-Level syllabus is quite challenging, added to that is the pressure to make the right academic choices, maintain a strong academic performance and produce a well-rounded university application profile – a process which can be extremely overwhelming. Hence at Cedar, one of the primary areas of focus is to prepare students for this transitory phase with the help of College Counselling teams.

The teams guide students towards proactive approaches for their future to ensure we help them become well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. At Cedar, every student has a counsellor and advisor to assist them throughout the A-Level program.