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Cedar College is determined to encourage both its male and female students to get involved in some sport as soon as possible! The A level college has rolled out with a wide variety of sports for both genders, hoping to overcome the notion of sidelining girls and boys to specific sports. By providing students with such opportunities, Cedar hopes to play a vital role in helping them secure scholarships in the future, become excellent sportsman, and have something fun and productive to look forward to on and off campus all year round!

Cedar Knights

Cedar College: Home of the Knights.

Adapted from the Knights of the Round Table, these characters were a part of King Arthur’s legends. The Round Table was important because it symbolized that everyone who sat around it was trustworthy and equal. Cedar’s four houses have been named after four of these great Knights!

Ahmed Saigal
Head of Sports Department


He was one of the most trusted knights of King Arthur’s round table. Lancelot’s mannerisms were inspirational in terms of his gentleness, courtesy, and courage. He was very helpful to those around him.


Known as the greatest knight ever, Galahad was not only noble and loyal, but very fierce and ferocious when it came to swordplay!


He was known for his strength and fiery temper. He was most noted for his jousting and deeds of prowess and fought off thirty knights on numerous occasions.


He was a well-known archer and one of King Arthur’s closest friends. Tristan was a noble knight; blessed with all the skills needed to excel in hunting, jousting, dancing, and harp playing.

Our Coaches

Muhammad Ali


Meherdil Babai


Ivan Rittman


Asif Mehmood


Farhan Iqbal


Kashif Hussain

Table Tennis

Ghulam Muhammad


Shakir Taj



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