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Community Service here at Cedar is not only valued deeply, but is also one of the many reasons why our students experience personal growth and are able to build better relationships later in life.
Among the many societies at Cedar, Mah-e-Muneer & CedarCare/ CedEco are the two societies at Cedar College that fall under Community Service.
Mah-e-Muneer focuses on adult literacy and aims to educate the domestic staff at Cedar College by offering them a variety of subjects they can choose to study. Along with teaching the staff members, we organise educational workshops throughout the year for the staff members. Our flagship event, comprises of several fun activities for our staff members and their families. Mah-e-Muneer believes that age is just a number, and shouldn't restrict you from receiving education.
While CedarCare/CedEco is another community service society that provides our student body an opportunity to help make a positive impact in our community. We aim to assist disadvantaged members of our society, raise awareness about pressing social issues, including climate change, and cultivate a sense of empathy in our students. Our annual events include StreetStore, beach cleanups, charity marathons, blood drives, and awareness workshops.

Community Service Program


A community service society sharing smiles


Our home-grown, adult literacy program

The community programs within Cedar aim to establish and strengthen long-term connections and partnerships between the College and its community members. We aim to provide students with opportunities to participate in social, educational, and cultural activities on and off campus.

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