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Getting into and spending a significant fraction of my time for the last few months at Cedar College has been a fundamentally transformative experience for me. Cedar has provided an atmosphere that has fostered the inner most aspirations in me, to become a better, more complete individual tomorrow than I was today. Having met so many capable individuals in the form of classmates that each have something of their own to offer, makes me yearn to do more with what I know. I came to know of and worked alongside many talented figures, that share the same interests as I, in the fields of Astronomy and Mathematics in student led societies, together we participated in many competions, bringing several achievements and awards home. And later organized an inter-school science olympiad of our own, “Scinnova”, this surely has been a time that will never be forgotten by me.
The faculty of an educational institution is undoubtedly its backbone and Cedar has not disappointed. Some of the most amazing individuals I know, I came to know them as my teachers here at Cedar College, each bringing something more to the table than just their daily lesson, each one being an approachable and loving figure. Mastery in their respective subjects aside, these guys posses a charisma and charm that make their classes something I look forward to.
My seven months at Cedar as a part of the AS Class of 2020, have been an exhilarating and adrenaline filled adventure, I do not exaggerate when I say that Cedar is like family to me and Insh'Allah I am looking forward to A2 being an even wholesome experience.

Umar Sohail QureshiBahria College Karsaz

Last February, I was very confused about which A level institution to attend and now I can confidently say that I am glad I chose Cedar College. Besides having excellent teachers, I can approach any TA for extra help at any given time, and I can even contact them after school via email. Other than academics, Cedar has a fantastic SAC department which facilitates extracurricular activities, mine being C-Sharp (music) and CoRDS (applied science). These help me maintain a balance between studies and fun, and have also resulted in me making many new friends. All in all, a fantastic institution with an extremely inclusive and friendly environment.

Ayrah Shoaib KhanThe C.A.S. School

Honestly speaking, I came to Cedar for the iPad’s.
What I gained from Cedar is so much more: I learnt to speak German, gained leadership skills and overcame stage fright with the help of my mentors, many of whom weren’t even my teachers. That’s one of the things I love the most about Cedar; the staff is wonderful and will go out of their way to help you.
Cedar is a place where you are forced out of your comfort zone and where you are given the opportunity to develop as an individual. It has the perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities, making the stressful time of A-levels much more enjoyable.
Also, the campus is super pretty and it never gets boring so that’s a major bonus.

Kenza Yasir KhanAl Rowad International School, Riyadh

Cedar College offers a blend of learning , amusement and integration of enduring principles. The entire study environment makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students. What amazes me is the plethora of extra curricular activities that the college offers hence compelling every student to explore and pursue his/her extra talents. The Institute manages both the areas extremely well and a student always finds himself in a pool of never ending opportunities. Another feather in the cap is the professors that impart quality education to its students. Never can a student find himself lost in a concept and professors not being able to rescue him! . The Institute's library serves as the ultimate answer to all our queries in terms of no of books, papers, periodicals and helping staff.
My experience with this college has been a wonderful balance of knowledge, skills, fun and friendship.

Zahra Abbas NanjiReads School & College Class of 2020

Cedar has been like a home to me in this past year. Everyone is like a small family at Cedar and I have always felt comfortable around them. The institution has pleasantly surprised me at every turn, and continues to work towards fulfilling its promises. Cedar offers a lot to its students if they take advantage of all the opportunities. The faculty is exceptional, with teachers not only being highly qualified and experienced but also extremely approachable and devoted to their profession. Teachers like Sir Salman and Sir Omair are not just teachers, they are also the best mentors. The teachers here aren’t just working to get you ready for an exam, they’re there to help you become a better person. Through this, students have the opportunity to extract the most out of their teachers, in terms of their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences.
When I see myself today, I see a totally different person because at this institution, you can become who you want to be. You learn about your areas of interest and at the same time are groomed to be a better person. I feel privileged to be under the guidance of the Cedar staff because each member of the institution has taught me invaluable lessons, and it’s due to them that I am becoming a different – and better – person.

Muhammad Zain MalikHappy Home School

The foremost thing I admire about Cedar College is that it offers a smooth and well-organized admission process. Students are given the opportunity to discuss their subject choices with the relevant department heads, so that they may choose the most suitable combination of A-Level subjects.
To balance the academic life, there is a range of extra-curriculars, which one can choose from. Teachers are well equipped and trained to use the latest digital resources, in order to bring state-of-the-art pedagogy into the classroom. I feel that the subjects I chose, such as sociology have enabled me to question and ponder upon ideas, which were once beyond my capacity to conceive. The credit for making the subjects come alive, goes to faculty members at Cedar College.
To guide you academically throughout these two years, Cedar’s team of councilors have an open-door policy, which encourages students to gain first-hand information about the most apt universities, to apply for admissions. Apart from academics, I have observed that students come from a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities.

Khizer SalmanPathways British School of Karachi

It seems almost silly to have formed such a surreal attatchment to an institution I will be in for just another year, but the feeling cascaded in without warning. I can't say I mind it. It's a feeling of bonfire-like warmth every time I look down at the courtyard, giddying joy when I see the people I have become so faimiliar with, and a striking willingness to constantly do better.
Cedar has positively affeced my growth ever since I first came in for my interview. I left the overwhelmingly beautiful campus full of motivation and determination. This motivation and determination is refuelled every day, be it through teachers or peers or even admin members. There is an aura of support all around the college, and Ms. Aysha's open door acts as a reassurance for all troubles.
Being someone who likes to keep busy, I immersed myself in 4 subjects and multiple societies from the beginning, and thank the heavens I did. I spent a large amount of time on campus (too much for my mum's liking) and participated in all that I could. I found around me a community that was always eager, supportive, and so immensely creative. I saw people being bold and unapologetic about it. At C# performances, even when I was panicking over a broken guitar string, there were other members of the society singing loudly in the front row, expressing full support. In Publications, we spent hours organising an event together, witnessing everyone be the most innovative versions of themselves.
Of course, Cedar expects us to keep our grades up along with all of this. That has been very smooth for me - something I owe fully to the dedicated teachers I have. History classes are always made miles more entertaining with some humour, in Literature classes we have some of the most productive discussions, and I love having ardent debates in Sociology.
Cedar has given me a safe space in which I am emboldened, and for this I am relieved I chose this place. It's an environment akin to home - I only keep growing.

Rania AhmedO Level School Haque Academy

I hate College. No really, I do. I can’t do hours and hours of lectures, which refuse to get into my head. And it’s so frustrating, having to study the same thing all year round for all the tests. Although hours of classes everyday exhaust me, I’ve had other things cheering me on. Cedar has been somewhat of a nuisance to me. I’m tired of it, but I don’t want to be done with it yet.
From being a part of three sports teams in a matter of six months, to doing community service and executing events with CedarCare. And from being a part of the Bass Knights to participating in the Cedar Annual play itself, I can’t say it’s been a year of tranquility.
Cedar gave me a platform to project all the emotions inside of me, each of a different flavor and time. Somehow, it enhanced everything I did, and I looked better doing it here than I did in the past.
I will certainly never regret being a part of the Cedar Community, where teachers hold a perfect balance to being an acquaintance and a professional and students being all so open to friendships. It truly does feel like home. After all, all is not calm at home isn’t it? Some days it’s a storm and some days it’s a sunny sky, either ways you don’t want to leave it behind.

Tahmina ManzoorBahria College NORE 1

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