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Early vs Regular Admission Cycle

We have a rigorous admissions process. In order to improve the chances of admission, it is recommended that students apply early. A large proportion of the admission offers are made in Round 1.

The Early Admission cycle begins in October and allows outstanding students with consistent academic records throughout secondary school to obtain admissions before their O levels results are out. One main advantage of applying in Round 1 is that students will get the opportunity to guarantee that they get to study with the teacher of their choice (via the teacher preference form made available in Round 1 only), and well the scholarship given will be 100% applied to the admission fee and tuition fee.

Round 2 cycle begins in early January, this cycle is for students who would like to submit additional results including class 11 midterms.The teacher preference for Round 2 is slightly different in the way that the students gets to state their first and second choice for the subject they are choosing, and depending on the availability the student will be assigned to the teacher’s class. As for the scholarship, 75% will be applied on the admission fee and 100% on the tuition fee.

Round 3 admissions begin in April, students who would like to apply after their Midterms & Mocks are advised to apply in this round. No option of teacher preference is offered in this round and for the scholarship, 50% will be applied to the Admission Fee and 100% to the tuition fee.

Those students who did not apply during early admissions (round 1, 2 & 3) can apply during the regular admissions cycle. The Regular admission cycle begins after the CAIE results in August. Due to the early admissions cycle, there are fewer seats available during the regular admissions cycle. The regular admissions cycle ends in September after which no further offers of admission are extended. There is no teacher preference for regular admissions and scholarship will ONLY be applied to the tuition fee.

• Complete and submit the online application form.
• Submit supporting documents (school transcripts, CAIE results & recommendations).
• Interview with a senior member of our Admissions Committee.
• You will be contacted within a few days with a response for your admission.

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